Ritual Beads

Prayer beads, meditation beads, however you call them, they are an invaluable tool in your practice, they can make ritual planning easy as well as keep you connected to your craft. Prayer beads are used in a variety of religions and belief systems,  such as the Rosary in Christianity or the Islamic misbaha, and are … Continue reading Ritual Beads

Rocks, Gems, Crystals and Stones

  They come from the earth, forged through heat, pressure and chemical reaction.  Precious stones are both beautiful and powerful, and greatly aide the witch in her pursuit of magick. You can find many lists of the powers that each stone brings, what they represent and what they mean.  For me, I tend to work … Continue reading Rocks, Gems, Crystals and Stones


I went for a walk off the beaten path to celebrate Fall.  This is one of my favourite times of year, when the leaves start to change, the air is crisp and everything seems cool and still. As I was out walking I meditated on the changing of the seasons, the representation of decline which … Continue reading Fall

The Full Moon

The full moon makes such a striking sight, sitting so big and bright in the sky.  This notable moon phase is eye drawing because so much of the moon’s surface is visible and it reflects so much of the sun’s light.  Lunar forces and the magick of the moon are sacred energy, representing feminine power … Continue reading The Full Moon

The Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch

Am I a Kitchen Witch? A kitchen witch, wise woman, someone who practices witchcraft, magick, folk religion.  Women who live and work close to the hearth and in the home, who use their skills and knowledge to serve themselves, their families, communities and Mother Nature.  Women who use their knowledge of herbs and edibles, roots … Continue reading The Kitchen Witch