Wiccan Adornment – Flowers in Your Hair

A Summer Crown

Dress up this Midsummer with a flower crown! Popular from the Nordic countries and especially relevant when celebrating Midsummer of the Summer Solstice, a flower crown is a beautiful adornment women (or posh pups!) wear around there heads. Made with silk, paper or real flowers, the crown is woven into a circlet and designed to … Continue reading Wiccan Adornment – Flowers in Your Hair


Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Midsummer is a magickal time of year.  From our ancient ancestors we have an appreciation for the longest day, promising sun and a long growing season. Midsummer is celebrated by eating fresh, seasonal foods, such as delicious strawberries Wearing beautiful adornment like these gorgeous coronets Walking and enjoying the beauty of nature And, finally, with … Continue reading Midsummer