The Basics of Witchcraft – Part 1

In my previous post Wiccan Adornment, I said I was going to go into detail about different types of adornment and their powers and properties, but when I sat down to write that post I kept getting stumped by all the Knowledge you need to have built up or access to so you're able to … Continue reading The Basics of Witchcraft – Part 1

New Moon Magic

It's the New Moon, and the celestial lunar timing could not be more perfect.  As we approach the Georgian New Year the New Moon offers the perfect opportunity to combine the pagan with the modern and make some New Year's Resolutions with a magickal twist. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and … Continue reading New Moon Magic

Waning Crescent

The waning crescent moon phase is an excellent time to banish negativity, get rid of bad habits and generally remove the unwanted from your life. As the moon gets smaller and smaller your magick can follow this negative magickal trend by using the waning forces. When the sun only illuminates a sliver of the moon … Continue reading Waning Crescent

The Full Moon

The full moon makes such a striking sight, sitting so big and bright in the sky.  This notable moon phase is eye drawing because so much of the moon’s surface is visible and it reflects so much of the sun’s light.  Lunar forces and the magick of the moon are sacred energy, representing feminine power … Continue reading The Full Moon

Moon Phases

The moon represents the divine feminine and is a source of immeasurable power within Wicca.  Calm and serene, the moon comes to us during the night and her departure signals the passing of another day. In the natural world, important phenomena such as the tides or a woman’s cycle are associated with the phase of … Continue reading Moon Phases