Coven – Practicing Witchcraft Together

Wiccan Circle Coven

To be a solo practitioner or not to be a solo practitioner, that is the question. I, at the current moment, consider myself to be a solo practitioner, and I don't really have any desire to change that.  To me magick has always been about finding and walking my own Path.  It has always been … Continue reading Coven – Practicing Witchcraft Together

The Basics of Witchcraft – Part 2

Wiccan Altar

If you consider yourself to be a witch or follow any other related practices, but don't really know where to start to truly feel like a witch, setting up your altar can help you on your way. Altars are common in many religions, practices and belief systems, they're hugely diverse in what they can be … Continue reading The Basics of Witchcraft – Part 2