Burning Times 2017 – Are we still persecuted for being witches?

The Burning Times for Witches

It's 2017, does that make witchcraft obsolete?  Are Wiccan or Pagan beliefs a made up religion? Do we still face discrimination and are our beliefs still seen as dangerous and suspect. Sometimes I just feel like I need to hear that my Practice and my Path are valid and feel that acceptance from other witches … Continue reading Burning Times 2017 – Are we still persecuted for being witches?

Wiccan Adornment – Flowers in Your Hair

A Summer Crown

Dress up this Midsummer with a flower crown! Popular from the Nordic countries and especially relevant when celebrating Midsummer of the Summer Solstice, a flower crown is a beautiful adornment women (or posh pups!) wear around there heads. Made with silk, paper or real flowers, the crown is woven into a circlet and designed to … Continue reading Wiccan Adornment – Flowers in Your Hair

Wiccan Adornment

Wiccan Adornment

I think adornment is very important in witchcraft.  What we wear, from feathers, beads and ties in our hair, to the gems in our ears and amulets and charms around our necks to chains and bracelets on our bodies and rings on our fingers, they all have a purpose, not only in making us look … Continue reading Wiccan Adornment

The Magick of Roses

The Magick of Roses

How to Use Wild Roses Specifically wild roses.  They grow beautifully and plentifully in my region, along the sides of the road, in parks and as garden hedges. The delicately scented and graceful flower is a wonderful metaphor for witchcraft.  Beauty, power and light with the danger of the prick of thorns if you're not … Continue reading The Magick of Roses

Travel Magick

Witch on a Broom

I'm getting ready to go on a trip, which involves packing, cleaning, and Travel Magick! I'm doing three things to make this a safe and enjoyable journey. First, I'll be charging a smoky quartz crystal to use as a travel amulet and worry stone, especially on my flight, to provide travel protection and relieve stress. … Continue reading Travel Magick