Thank you for stopping by! We’re so glad you are interested in witchcraft and practice.  We hope you find something here to enrich your life, and feel free to contact us if there’s anything we can do to help you on your journey!

We promote living a life that harms none, and truly believe that whether good or bad, whatever you put out into the world comes back to you in three.

What is this place?

This blog is dedicated to naturalist spirituality, explored through the traditions of witchcraft.  Join us on the journey to develop a personal practice focused on rituals and craft, which will bring meaning to your life and purpose to your daily actions.  We want to help people get in touch with their pagan roots and experience druidry and heathenism.

Who are we?

Children of the earth, who grew up playing outdoors with a deep connection to the forest and sea.  Lovers of the colour green and the feel of the ocean on our skin.

This is a blog for self-exploration, to teach you to reconnect to the earth and tap into your spiritual self, and most importantly to develop rituals and practice which become a way of life that will tether you to  that sense of connection.

Blessed Be!