Witch's Grimoire

Witch’s Grimoire Ideas


Don’t we all just want that big hulking book of spells and knowledge like we see in the movies?  I remember the first time I read Harry Potter, feeling so jealous of all the books of herbology, spellcraft and magick.  I wanted them all!


While I haven’t found an amazing Diagon Alley to purchase all these books, I have read a lot about creating your own grimoire and I think that’s a magickal ideas for the modern witch.  As I say frequently on this blog, my form of natural spirituality is all about finding something that works for you and what speaks to you.  Do what you feel gives you power and meaning.


When it comes to finding a grimoire, make your own!  Yes, it will be lots of work, but it will be so unique to you and therefore more meaningful.  There are so many options when it comes to finding aesthetically beautiful books to use to create your grimoire, and so many choices as to what you put in your personal book of power and spells.


If you’re unsure where to start here are some great ideas to get you going:

  1. Keep a magickal diary – write about your practice, spells and feelings as a witch, it can be a regular old diary or solely focused on your craft;
  2. Start a herbology book – find an old heavy book and begin pressing flowers, herbs, leaves and other flora, write out what you know about the plant and how you use it, you can use this book to store the flora for future use, or to have for their beauty;
  3. Create an electronic grimoire – you can always start your work online, get organized and write out your basic spells and rituals;
  4. Build your grimoire – if you’re ready to jump right in, start building your own grimoire, find a blank book that works for you and just start writing!


I’m finally getting ready to start writing my own grimoire, and I’ve sketched out the ideas I want to start with, my idea is to begin with basics and to build off of this creating additional books and tomes of knowledge as I go.  My idea is to start with the basics of witchcraft, here is what I plan on filling my first grimoire with:

  1. I’m going to start with a forward about my magickal beliefs, what I value, the intention behind my practice and what I consider sources of power, this will also include some history of craft for me, to me, this is important so anyone else reading the grimoire will know what they’re getting and so I can be reminded of what is grounding my witchcraft;
  2. Next will be an outline of energy power and some exercises to practice energy drawing, charging and directing;
  3. I’ll then lay a groundwork of knowledge, working from the sun and moon in the sky, to the four elements, natural phenomenon and the mother, maiden and crone;
  4. From there I’ll focus on the basic tools I think every witch needs;
  5. Followed up by altar set ups, including some different options for different occasions and types of magick;
  6. An important section of flora, crystals, stones, minerals and more with magickal properties;
  7. I think I’d focus on cleansing and anointing next;
  8. After that I’ll do basic spell writing and casting including some basic and favourite spells, incantations and invocations;
  9. Sigils;
  10. Candle magick;
  11. Potion ideas and basics;
  12. How to plan and structure complex rituals;
  13. Creating and using talisman, amulets and charms;
  14. Divination, runes, casting and fortelling;
  15.  Ending with magickal ethics and the three fold law.


I hope this post inspires you to take the reins and begin your own grimoire, I would also love if you would follow along as I build mine, hopefully we can learn from each other.


Blessed be!

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