The Four Elements in Witchcraft

The number four is important in magick, corresponding to the four elements of wind, water, earth and fire which also corresponds to the four directions, North, South, East and West.


I’ll be doing a series, covering the magickal understanding and influence of the four elements, including their directional associations.


The Four Elements

The element of Earth corresponds to the direction of North and can be associated with the colours of brown, green and other earth tones. Earth and North is Winter, the pentacle, stones, metals, salt and crystals.

The element of Air or Wind corresponds to the Easterly direction and can be associated with blue, yellow, white, cream and clear colours. East and Air is Spring, a bell, feather, wind chime and fan.

Next is the element of Fire, corresponding to the direction of South. As you can see we’re going around the compass clockwise. South and Fire can be associated with the colours red, black, orange and darker yellow and can be represented or related to candles, charcoal, flame and gold and the Summer season.

Last but certainly not least is the element of West and Water. Represented, of course by the colours blue, teal, turquoise, green and white. Related and associated with water divination bowls, the chalice, shells, glass and the Fall season.


In follow up posts I’ll delve deeper into the magick associated with these elements and directions and discuss Calling the Watchtowers.


Blessed Be!


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