Tools for the 2019 Witch


I love nature and spending time in our natural world.


There’s so much energy to collect from stones, and the sun and the waves and the moon.


But we’re also super lucky to live in a time where witches can share information far and wide over the internet, and carry an entire stack of grimoires around on our phones.


With all these resources available to us, I wanted to share my favourites:

  1. Your local weather app –
  2. And an Almanac –
  3. Your favourite form of divination –
  4. The moon phases –


First, I’m always tracking the weather, as well as information for gardening and predicted long-term weather trends.

Then I like to have my favourite form of divination and counsel, for whenever I need some guidance.

I also really like the date and time website for moon phases!


What are your favourite tools and what works best for you?



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