Lunar Month Names

Lunar Month Names


A deep knowledge of the natural world is something many witches have, and that some feel is very necessary to working their magick.  Knowing what each month represents in the circle of the year can inform what rituals you do, what powers you call and how you do your magick.


The identifiers I recognize for the names of the moons reflects what’s occurring in the natural environment in the area I live, what the seasons are telling us and what influence these moons will have on our practice.


Here’s what I’ve come up with:


January – Ice Moon

February – Snow Moon

March – Sap Moon

April – Hare Moon

May – Flower Moon

June – Strawberry Moon

July – Thunder Moon

August – Fruit Moon

September – Harvest Moon

October – Hunter’s Moon

November – Frost Moon

December – Cold Moon


As always, customize what the moons mean in your area.  If you live near the equator you may not have a sap season.  Berries, harvest and flowers may come earlier for some than others, learn your seasons.  Be observant and above all get in touch with your world.

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