finding what's lost spell

Spell to find something lost

If you’ve lost something and you’re looking for a spell to help you find what has been lost try this:


finding spell


– find a piece of twine or string, it needs to be long enough to tie around your wrist

– cut the length of string then loosely shape a knot, but don’t pull it tight

– holding one end of the string in front of you, begin pulling the other end toward your chest

– as you’re pulling the knot tight, visualize the missing object you’re hoping to find and say the following incantation:

what is lost will now be found

brought to me as this string is bound

circling back, like this knot, around

what is lost will now be found

as I will, so mote it be

Once you’ve tied the knot and visualized finding the object or it coming back to you tie the string around your wrist and wear it until your object is found.

After you’ve found your lost object remove your string, bury it in the earth and give thanks for the magickal assistance.


spell for finding lost objects

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