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Kitchen Witch


Saturday Saturn symbol.svg is my day to get my Kitchen Witch on.  I do my magickal stewing, making and creating, taking care of hearth and home.


I love to do a magickal soup or stew, imbuing ingredients with intention, making a great big green soup for health and prosperity, focusing on the magickal properties of the herbs and ingredients I put into it.  A spicy tomato and red pepper soup to ignite passion and fire. A blueberry and lilac smoothie to start your morning with clarity and increase your divination powers.


Creating soaps, creams, bath bombs and oils for later use in cleansing and anointing.  I also use this time and work to update my grimoire, as to what herbs and ingredients work for me and how they manifest.  If you follow this blog by now you know I’m very much a believer that magickal properties manifest in different ways for different witches and can have different meanings and different ways of working, find out what works best for you!


I’m currently working on a neutral “white” (as in clear but with the power of the colour white – clarity, power, cleansing) anointing oil for tools and body, I’m thinking almond oil, with vanilla and jasmine.


Do you spend time in your kitchen as a witch?  What do you do and what are you creating?


May your magick be strong and intention be true!

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  1. My mother practiced a loose variation of magic. She a little less ceromonial and more practical I guess. She was always teaching my sister and I but it was never something we would have thought of as “witch craft”. Witch craft is something that doesn’t work and everything mom taught us totally does. You tell people you’re a witch and think theres something wrong with you but, magic isn’t making people disappear and sawing them in half. Its being mindful and intentional, setting your energy toward something and manifesting positive changes. Tons of people do that and call it prayer, meditation, I just call it magic.


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