My February Horoscope Things Are Looking Up (Gemini)

I haven’t really read an astrological horoscope in ages, although I was obsessed with them when I was a child. I made what turned out to be a big mistake of reading my January horoscope, which was so terrible I basically took to my bed for a day, dwelled on it for a week and let it trip me up in my progress and mental health throughout the month! It hit me pretty hard and caused me a lot of anxiety, that’s why I was quite reluctant to read my February horoscope. But I thought to myself, I survived January, so how bad could February possibly be? Anyway, I had done a Tarot draw earlier in the day with positive results so I was feeling confident enough to go ahead and read my February horoscope, and I’m happy to say it was positive and empowering! Thank Gaia!


Feb HoroscopeFeb Horoscope 2


This month I’m already past 1 of 3 challenging days, (but 2 of 3 strong days) February 19th seems like it’s going to suck, but I’m happy and positive overall!

I hope your month will be going wonderfully as well, Blessed Be!


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