Nora Roberts Entranced

Witchy Romantic Reads


Do you need some mystical romance?  Yes?  What witch doesn’t?


Nora Roberts Captivated


Nora Roberts has long been one of my favourite romance authors, especially for her ability to blend modern romance with magick and the mystical.  I’ve enjoyed many of her series from The Donovan Legacy, to her Irish Trilogy.


Nora Roberts Entranced


The Donovan Legacy is a four part series, each stand alone, following a family of hereditary male and female witches.  The stories relate to both their gifts, the partners they find, both magickal and not, as well as the amusing antics of their families.


Nora Roberts Charmed and Enchanted


We all need a little lightness and lovely optimism in our lives every now and then, my choice is frequently Nora Roberts, so I recommend you hit up your local library and grab a copy of these books!


Find them here.


Blessed Be

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