Wiccan Altar

Wiccan Weight-Loss Ritual – Planning


I’m very much into body positivity and loving yourself.  I think knowing and loving yourself is a source of power and critical for any witch to use her magick.  And I also want to be the healthiest, fittest witch I can be, so I can trek through the woods to collect magickal items and swim through the ocean like a mermaid.


I’ve decided it’s time for me to try and lose some weight, and I’m turning to magick to help my efforts.  I think doing some weight-loss magick will be the key ingredient, coupled with trying to eat healthy and work out, in my losing weight.  It will get my mind and energy in the right place and will help me manifest my desires.


Conveniently, it’s a waning gibbous moon, in my opinion the best moon phase to conduct this ritual.  If you’ve read my previous post – Spells vs Rituals you’ll see I’m a big fan of the ritual over the spell, so I’ll be going full blown ritual on this one.


But the thing about rituals is they take some planning, and I always take some time to sit with my ideas and get a feel for what will work.  As with all of my magick, I let my instinct guide me.


At the moment, I’m thinking:

  • Green, blue, white and yellow candles, for nature, health, body and emotional and mental energy;
  • The gibbous moon, as I’ve already mentioned, as it wanes, so to will my weight;
  • Apples and greens?  Maybe will have a place for health and getting in touch with Mother Earth…


I’m not sure what else at this point, I’ll spend the day thinking about it, maybe go and pick up some supplies, but stay on my magickal wave length, I’ll be back soon with more details.

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