Spells vs Rituals

Spells vs Rituals


So what’s the difference between a ritual and a spell?  Is there a difference?  And if there is, why does it matter?


As with all things, I’ve always been a big fan of finding your own way and doing and believing in things that matter to you and feel authentic to you.  So this is what’s true for me, although your experience may vary.


To me, the difference between a ritual and a spell is intensity, complexity and duration, and may be best distinguished by whether or not you’ve cast a circle to do your magick or not.


Spells tend to be quick, in the moment incantations or actions, saying words of magick, or writing and burning or floating words of magick.


Rituals are complex, and usually well thought out, planned or routine actions that are larger in scope and longer in duration.  For me, unless it’s a routine ritual (such as a full moon ritual or sabbat ritual), I take the time to plan out and sketch the ritual, it’s usually done in a designated spot with a circle being cast, and an elaborate altar set up and very distinct and necessary steps to complete the intended magick.


I personally lean more toward rituals than spells, because that’s what works for me, I like the planning, the feeling of building power.  I sense I’m at my strongest and have called the strongest magick to me to aid me in my endeavors when I got through the ritual process.


But, to each their own,


Blessed Be

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