Water Element Power Box

Power Box

Power Box


I collect and store items of power for spells and rituals in my Witch’s Power Box.


There’s just something about being a witch, it’s a bit like being a squirrel or a dragon, hiding away treasures for a later date, hoarding magick and power.


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, I find grouping items together of similar elemental nature allows them to mirror each other and reflect back energy, creating more power and a distilled power of the given element.


You can make a Power Box simply as a beautiful storage container, as a method of isolating the energies of your items, or as a way of charging your items.  You can also use your Power Box for other spells, rituals and magickal purposes.


I especially like to use a Power Box as a method of divination.  After communicating with my items and feeling what their oracle purpose is you can shake and cast within your power box.  It works really well because you’re able to draw a reading circle or mat on the bottom of your box as well.


This one is powered by the water 🌊 element, items from the seaside.  I’ve created a collection of shells, feathers, driftwood and stones, as well as some sea glass.


#barefootpath #witch #witchcraft #power #magick

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