Smoke Cleansing for Witches

Smoke and Salt Cleansing


In my last post Beach Harvesting for Witches I mentioned that I sometimes collect beach objects for other witches, for their collections or for them to use as tools and in their spells and rituals.


This time at the beach I collected a bunch of drift wood, some of it for my own use, and some for others.  Whenever I received or obtain a new tool or item of magick I always cleanse it. I want to neutralize any negative energy that’s in the item, and remove any imprinting from anyone else and their power which may be on the item. I encourage all other witches and pagans to cleanse your items and imprint them with your own energy*, if you feel a need to, for your own personal use.


I’m providing some driftwood I collected to some friends, coven-sisters and customers that they will use for various purposes, including as wands and staffs.  To cleanse these items, which are very porous, the best method to use is smoke or salt.


To cleanse using smoke you can use something as small as a match or candle, although a branch from a spruce or fir tree works best, or over a fire on the beach that’s still at the smoking stage.

To do the cleansing get the item you want cleansed cleaned and dry and dusted of any debris, then get you cleansing material smoking really well.  Now you can either waft and blow the smoke onto your item or wave your item within the smoke.  Visualize the item being cleansed of any negative energy and coming back to its neutral state.

Waft or wave the item multiple times while doing this visualization, and chanting, if you desire, ‘I cleanse you of negative energy and will you back to your neutral state, may your natural power come through and you be reborn‘.  Ideally, if you are able, place the item on a rock, overnight, and in the morning your cleansing is complete.  If you cannot allow the resting period on a rock place the wood on some silk in the house or in a cast iron pt with a lid, also overnight.


Smoke Cleansing for Witches


An alternative to smoke cleansing for porous items like wood is salt cleansing.  Salt cleansing involves sprinkling a blessed salt over your item.  First bless your salt, table salt is fine, but coarse or sea salt is better, and imbue it with cleansing properties, send your salt cleansing energy.  Then sprinkle your cleansing salt over the item to be cleansed.  As with the smoke cleansing, if you’re able to put the item on a rock, silk or cast iron, sprinkle the cleansing salt and leave it overnight.  In the morning dust your item of the cleansing salt and you’re done.  Ensure you dispose of the cleansing salt as it’s no more good,except as a poison or for spreading negative energy in curses.


Cleansing Salt Magick



You can also bury items such as stones, metal and other non-porous in a larger quantity of salt as a form of cleansing.


And you can use these smoke and salt sprinkle cleansing methods for other porous items such as fabrics, books, clothing, natural products or dried plants.


Blessed Be!







*Sometimes you may want items to have historical energy or the imprint of your ancestors, in these cases yo wouldn’t want to cleanse the item, or would want to cleanse it in a specific way.

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