Beach Harvesting for Witches

Beach Harvesting for Witches

I love spending time on the beach or near the ocean period.  I’ve been so happy since I moved home to the seaside.


Ocean and Water Magick for Witches


I also love the summer, and one of the most special and important parts of the summer is not only enjoying the eat and magick of everything in bloom, of everything come to life and green and full, but also the ability to harvest items for your magickal work.

When I’m on the beach I’m collecting beach glass, shells, drift wood, seaweeds and special stones.  As with all nature, the beach is a veritable cornucopia of items of magick and power.


Beach Harvesting for Witches


White Beach Stones for Witch Power


I always collect with respect and reverence, and I’m happy to help others who don’t have access to the beach but are looking for beachy items to do their water magick and spells requiring them.


Beach Harvesting for Witches


And always, while I’m there I’m soaking up the power of the sun and the waves and the wind, centering myself and finding my purpose and connection with mother earth and the water element.


Water Magick Witch Spells

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