The Winter Moon

The Winter Moon


I’m very aware of the power of a winter moon.  It just feels like the sky is so much clearer and the moon so much closer during the winter, making the moon cycle and the full moon especially important.


The Winter Moon


There are no greater sources of energy for me than the ocean and the moon, and tonight on my drive home along the coast the moon seemed to hang down, so close it was almost touchable, so large and dominant in the sky, and then I noticed the strength and height of the tides, drawn so high by the moon, it almost felt as if each were reaching out to try and touch me, and give me power.


I got to feel the power and the moon course through my body, in what will probably be the last full moon of the winter, the last full moon with snow.


Enjoy this winter moon, and may it bring power to you and share its energy with you.

Blessed Be


Full Moon

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