The Scent of Death

The Scent of Death

Bright Leave Change Colour

In pagan tradition and witchcraft there is a strong focus on balance.  The pagan calendar is a regenerative cycle where death is a part of life and change is acknowledged as a part of life and all things.  I love watching the changing of the seasons, not only because of the beauty of Fall colours but also because even as things die it’s with the knowledge that this is necessary to bring new life, and even in the death part of the cycle of life we’re still living.

First comes the end of Summer and the bounty of the harvest along with the bright, vibrant colours of the first sharp, fresh scent of Fall, when the bite just comes into the air.

Bright Leave Change Colour


Then the cycle continues, with the dominance of wind and rain and a witch gets to feel the harsh power of Mother Nature whereas before we were blessed with the warmth and bounty of her bringing life now she’s blowing the leaves off the trees and bending the yellowed grass underfoot.


Fall to Winter Transition


I try and walk every day, for fitness, for fresh air, to connect with nature and I began to smell the scent of death.  The smell of the leaves which have been blown off the trees rotting, dead on the ground.  As dark an idea as this is there’s just something about this smell that’s always a reminder that this is all part of the cycle of life, and those leaves that have fallen will become the fertilizer to grow next Spring’s beauty.

There’s just something so unique and distinctive in this smell of rotting vegetation that’s still comforting in what it represents.


Fall to Winter Transition


And then comes the first snow, the cold snap in the air, the wind and flakes abrading your cheeks, the manifestation of the shorter days and the final stage of the turning of the wheel of the year.


The Final Part of the Cycle of the Year


Best of all this gets us all in the spirit for Yule.


The Final Part of the Cycle of the Year

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