Air Sign Altar Box

Altar Box

Making Altar Boxes

Altar Boxes.  A beautiful aesthetic.  Somewhere to keep your tools and implements.  Useful in your practice for magick and rituals.  Your altar box can be as elaborate and decorated as you desire, or as private and discrete.

The point of an altar box is to act as storage for your tools of the craft, to offer the option of portable spells and rituals and to provide compact altar spaces which can be assembled quickly anywhere and taken down and put away as well.


Coffee and Creation - Making an Altar Box

I’m sure you can find altar boxes, or boxes you can use for this purpose, readily available (Want one?  Barefoot Path should start selling them).  I bought my supplies at local discount and crafting stores.


Staining Altar Boxes


Painting, staining and preparing the boxes and tools in the boxes took a while but the end result was well worth the effort.


Making an Air Sign Altar Box


Find items which speak to you, I was inspired to make something for air magick in order to do magickal work as an air sign, so I created a box using air items for a very symbolic box.  Colours I like and that represent the air sign also came into play, as well as white as a power colour and as a calming influence which was an attribute I wanted to give my air altar box.


Air Sign Altar Box


Book of Shadows Altar Box


For the Book of Shadows altar box I wanted something darker and more arcane vibe, something warmer and more private, with wood stain, solid and weighty items and portable lighting.


Blessed Be!

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