Half Moon

Finding Balance – Half Moon Magick

I feel as though I’m at a turning point or a cross roads in my life, which through delightful happenstance has occurred near the half moon.

The half moon is powerful and magickal because it represents a time of balance, when the moon is neither new or full, and anyone looking up into the night sky with an untrained eye can only guess whether it’s growing or receding, waxing or waning.

This balance, the imagery of potential and chance and opportunity offers the enterprising witch the ability to conduct magick to reveal your path forward or gain clarity on an issue or question when you’re at a cross roads.

I conducted a clarity ritual for myself on the half moon, to help my subconscious come to a decision and feel confidence in my decision as I was making a major life decision.

I used a clear quartz as a focus and for drawing power and a glass goblet of cider (my beverage of choice).  The ritual was conducted outdoors, on a cool dark night, under the half moon.  Holding my quartz in my left hand to draw power and energy into myself I gazed into my goblet while holding the question I wanted an answer to in my mind.  Then I would bring my hands together into prayer position with the quartz between my palms and look skyward to the moon, also holding my question in my mind.

The answer to my question eased its way into my subconscious, then manifested itself very clearly into my rational mind, and along with it came confidence and peace that I was on the right track.  To close my ritual I drank my cider as an offering to the universe.

For your own clarity ritual use any clear liquid you prefer such as water or wine.  You can also you any power object of your choice, although I would recommend something with a dual purpose of power and divination such as amethyst, or yellow or light blue stones.

Hope this ritual works for you as it worked for me!

Blessed Be,


Half Moon

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