Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon and Drawing Magick

It’s the waxing moon and this is ideal for a specific type type of magick, drawing magick.  As the moon appears to grow in size the energy it provides is an energy you can use to draw things to you, grow, or increase.

The term waxing comes from the traditional practice of making candles, where the wick or string is dipped repeatedly and slowly in wax each time increasing the width of the candle until it’s at the desired size.

This same principle applies to doing drawing magick during the waxing phase of the moon, you can do magick, especially layered or over multiple rituals, to help you improve your skills in a particular area (such as divination), to draw wealth or luck or knowledge to yourself (if you have exams around the time of the full moon, you can do  rituals to aide in your knowledge during the waxing of the moon).

Consider doing magick or rituals which build upon each other and get progressively stronger or more specific and details as the moon waxes to full.  The waxing moon is full of power and promise, so Merry Meet and Blessed Be, and good luck to you and all the magick that you do.


Waxing Moon

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