Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Y’all, it’s Halloween season.  Y’all.  Halloween!

I’m a little excited.  It might be my favourite holiday during my favourite time of year.  As a Canadian Fall has officially started, and it’s starting to get cool already, we even had to turn on the heat this morning!

I view my approach to Halloween the same as I imagine Christians approach Christmas, as both a spiritual holiday and more commercial celebration.  I’ll be doing rituals and connecting spiritually with ancestors and revering the cycle of life, including death.  But I’ll also be decorating (I’m doing a spider theme this year and calling it Web of Death), and I’m hoping to do a murder mystery 🙂

But before all of this I need to get through Thanksgiving!!!  I’m a big grump when it comes to rushing the holidays.  If you’re interested check out my mainstream holiday blog Holiday Corner and expect a cross post coming soon, as I focus on Thanksgiving, I’ll be getting my kitchen witch on and making a magickal pumpkin soup.

I hope everyone’s as excited as me for Fall and Halloween, I just wish Winter and snow didn’t follow!


Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween


*PS – why does a Canadian East Coaster say “y’all”?  Because half of my family are American Southerners, that’s why 😉

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