Sea & Mist

Back on the Barefoot Path

Sorry for the hiatus friends and followers.  I’ve had some major life changes including a move, new job and taking care of sick relatives.  I should have relied more heavily on my spirituality for insight and answers, grace and courage, but instead I lost my way and took the mundane path.

The good news is I’m back home, where I was born and raised and Blessed Be! how it feeds my soul.  I walk every day and see and smell the ocean.  I look around and see green and growth and touch the forest and earth.  In some ways my spirit is more connected to the path I believe in, energy and mysticism, than ever before.

The even better news is I have new ideas, plans and intend to get more specific and detailed in sharing magick, I want to make my own apothecary and help others to make theirs and I want to start working to create a coven.

My most favourite pagan holiday of them all, Halloween is coming up soon, and I just can’t wait.  I hope you stick around to celebrate it with me and I’m sending good intentions out into the universe that our Barefoot Path family continues to grow and thrive.

And it harm none, do what ye will



Sea & Mist


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