Wiccan Circle Coven

Coven – Practicing Witchcraft Together

To be a solo practitioner or not to be a solo practitioner, that is the question.

I, at the current moment, consider myself to be a solo practitioner, and I don’t really have any desire to change that.  To me magick has always been about finding and walking my own Path.  It has always been deeply personal and intuitive.  Also, if you’ve read some of my other work, you can tell I don’t have any particular appreciation for the ‘rules’ as others dictate them or in following any rigid set of traditions.

However, lately I’ve been wanting something a bit more connected to the wonderfulness and energy of my fellow witches, Wiccans, Pagans and all other spiritualists, so I’ve been exploring the idea of a Coven.

My preference would be for a no pressure place that friends can join to share ideas, communicate, support each other and have a community of like-minded individuals, above all, not a place of pressure, rules or politics.

Is that the answer?  A new type of Coven, that allows people to come together but isn’t rigid in its demands or expectations?  A loosely joined group that come and go as they please, free to practice how they wish and maintain their own methods and beliefs but with the support and friendship of the community?

Coven?  To be or not to be?


  1. I find the idea of practicing with people to be somewhat terrifying. Everytime I come across an existing group, not only are they large, they are also extremely experienced. I think I’d rather fumble through on my own, although I keep an eye out for local classes.

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