The Basics of Witchcraft – Part 1

In my previous post Wiccan Adornment, I said I was going to go into detail about different types of adornment and their powers and properties, but when I sat down to write that post I kept getting stumped by all the Knowledge you need to have built up or access to so you’re able to intuit what works best for your intention, what works together, the impact of the elements and how different magickal objects interact with each other.

So I kept coming back around to needing to start at the beginning, and here we are.

In an earlier post I talked about Energy.  Energy is the basis of all magick and is what we use to manifest our intention.  Imagine it as a life force running through all things, like the electricity that keeps them powered up and functioning.  And above all it is a neutral force, like a blank canvas, what it becomes is entirely determined by the tools and colours the artist, or witch, uses.

Next we have the Sun and the Moon.  These are the yin and yang of witchcraft,with the sun representing hot, aggressive, masculine power and the moon representing oftentimes calmer, more mystical power.  It is at this point we get into colours and elements and start to deal with the tangled associations between different influences and power, as well as our own intuitions and biases.

Above all, I feel that intuition should guide ones Craft.  Even if all the books and experts and spiritual leaders tell you that yellow is a calming air colour, if you feel that it’s a power colour for you, then that’s what it is and that’s what it should be*.

Then we have the four elements and their influence, Air, Water, Earth and Fire correspond with the four directions of the compass, North, South, East and West.

These elements also relate to the Sun and the Moon or to Masculine or Feminine energy.  Depending on your perspective the Sun might represent the elements of Fire and Air, corresponding to their light colours and position in the physical world, holding up the sky.  Although an argument could also be made that the elements of Fire and Earth best correspond to the Sun, due to their masculine properties and the Earth’s molten core.

Likewise, the Earth can also represent the feminine power of growth and new life, cool and dark and related to the Moon.  Whereas the Air and Water elements can be considered feminine and sometimes associated with the Moon


So there are the Basics Part 1.  This is only scratching the surface and there’s so much more to cover, sigh, maybe I need to write a book!


*Note:  I think this applies to spiritual matters and only spiritual matters, I’m a believer in Climate Change, vaccinations and modern medicine, I’ll have to write Witchcraft vs Science post to discuss my feelings on this matter a bit more I think.


  1. Yes, starting at the beginning is a very good idea. I have been studying Wicca for years and have so many books on it. It is fascinating and for me, it comes from a place of healing, goodness, and nature. Thank you for educating those that wish to learn the true meaning of Wicca. K. D. 🙂

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