Wiccan Adornment

Wiccan Adornment

Wiccan Adornment

I think adornment is very important in witchcraft.  What we wear, from feathers, beads and ties in our hair, to the gems in our ears and amulets and charms around our necks to chains and bracelets on our bodies and rings on our fingers, they all have a purpose, not only in making us look good, but also making us feel good and helping us in our magick.

Every culture has used gems, metals, woods and bones to create adornment to show status, religious affiliation and make other social statements.

The Magick of Roses - Rose Quartz

In Wiccan practice, our use of adornment can not only signal who we are but can also act as a vessel or carrier for our power, energy, intention or magick.

I’ve written about mutual charging for carrying crystals, and the same would definitely apply to your jewelry, or any other adornment you would like to imbue with power before you wear it.


Depending on the type of material the adornment is made from, everything will have different properties and powers, gems in particular are popular in Wiccan adornment for their abilities and magick.

Whether you’re creating prayer beads to wear as a more deliberate form of magick, or focusing more on your vanity and looking good (and that’s ok!) always keep in mind the Energy and how to use and manipulate it, putting energy in your adornment will take your magick that little step further.


And Ye Harm None and Blessed Be!





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