The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature

As a witch, I love nature.  Its power and beauty speak to me, its energy feeds my soul and provides the source of my magick.

Many cultures and spiritual beliefs are based on the idea that there is a spirit in everything, that trees and plants and animals have souls and that energy runs through everything.  From the Asian concept of Qi to the Native American Great Spirit.

Sometimes when I stand quietly and still it feels almost as if the earth is singing a song to me.  At the edge of a cliff, on top of a mountain or the shore of the oceans I feel such a great rush of power and energy it almost brings tears to my eyes and makes my body feel as if it’s vibrating.

I’m sure you’ve felt it too.  That fine vibration that seems to run just below the surface of all things in nature.  You may feel as if it’s speaking to you.  Waiting for you.  Ready to do your bidding and manifest itself into magickal intention.

Have you walked through a wet green forest and felt the calming energy flow into you?  Seemingly run through every branch, the moss, the stream, the rocks and the eagle flying above?  Flowing like sap, invisible but powerful.

This is the reason witches are connected to nature.

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