The Magick of Roses

The Magick of Roses

The Magick of Roses

How to Use Wild Roses

Specifically wild roses.  They grow beautifully and plentifully in my region, along the sides of the road, in parks and as garden hedges.

The delicately scented and graceful flower is a wonderful metaphor for witchcraft.  Beauty, power and light with the danger of the prick of thorns if you’re not careful.

Using a local flower and harvesting it yourself makes your magic more plentiful and powerful in my opinion, and as always I like to integrate the magickal with the mundane and have found three wonderful uses for wild rose around the home.


Whether you use whole dried petals in soap, or crushed petals in a body lotion or your favourite rose oil recipe to make an anointment oil or body oil or spray it will offer a gentling influence, purity, love, compassion and contentment.

The Magick of Roses - Rose Petals


Having flowers in your house regularly not only makes it smell good, but also allows you to work the magick of scent to provide a subtle influence and manifestation of magickal intention.  You can lay cut blooms around you home, fix an arrangement in a jar on your altar or a prominent place or place dried buds or petals in a potpourri bowl.

The Magick of Roses - Rosebuds

Mutual Charging

Another, and much more practical, but no less beautiful, use I have for roses is to use the petals or buds along with rose quartz to do mutual charging.  When the quartz is placed with the rose their similar powers and properties echo off of each other and magnify the magickal abilities of both.

The Magick of Roses - Rose Quartz

As always, And Ye Harm None


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