Cups & Cakes

I try and give thanks for all my blessings regularly.  Life is too short not to live in the moment and appreciate what we have, even as we strive for personal growth and change.

To stay grounded and maintain a traditional Wiccan practice I hold mini-ceremonies which are centred around the idea of cups and cake.  This is generally taken as an offering at the end of a ritual, but instead, for my part I do the ceremonial end to a traditional ritual without the spellcasting beforehand.


To do your own cups and cake, set up your altar.  Mine is a celebration of spring, and the intent behind my magick is to give thanks that another year has passed and the earth is reborn in the arms of spring.

To reflect the spring atmosphere I harvested some beautiful flowers, bright colours and used a golden cider along with lemon shortbread as my wine and bread offerings.

Once you’re set up ensure you have peace and quiet, this is a meditative ritual, think about the hardships of winter, birth and renewal, and give thanks for all the beauty of spring.


Eat your offerings and drink your wine and you’ve concluded the ritual.  I keep it simple without casting as circle, this also follows my principle of making the mundane magickal, by integrated less strict ritualistic magick into my life.

Blessed Be!


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