Energy Spell


Need some energy?

Spring is on the way but we’re still having grey, rainy days.  Although there’s more sunlight and the days are getting longer, you may find yourself lacking energy and needing a boost.  Especially if you’re super motivated by the longer days and need some extra energy to go along with your spiritual motivation.

Here’s a simple spell for more energy.  It follows the kitchen witch tradition and should be easily doable with what you have around the house or can get at your local market.


You’ll need:

Neutral oil safe to use on your skin

Large lemon

White candle

Black or green tea


The Ritual

This ritual is a simple melding of mundane practices and magick.  The integration of everyday actions into your magick will only enhance your power and skills and add much more clarity and confidence to your life.  It’s centred around a white candle and lemon for energy as well as water for cleansing and oil to absorb energy.

  1. First, you will start by cleansing your physical space. I recommend you do this ritual in your kitchen, but any space you would be most comfortable is best.  Wipe down your counters and table and sweep your floor.
  1. Next, cleanse your spiritual space. Use your magickal broom to sweep away negative energy, maybe cast some salt.  Ring bells or chimes to dispel negative energy or spirits and chant to banish any old emotional baggage.
  1. Then do the same with your bathroom, cleansing it both physically and spiritually.
  1. After your space is prepared zest your lemon into one bowl then slice it and squeeze the juice into another bowl.
  1. With the lemon juice you will clean your magickal tools and the place your will set up your altar. To do this dab the corner of a clean cloth into the lemon juice and gently wipe down your candle, tea cup, spoon, and altar surface.
  1. With half the zest you will set up your altar. I recommend doing it at your kitchen table or counter if you have bar seating.  Sprinkle half the lemon zest on the surface of your altar, place your white candle on the altar and lay out your tea cup and spoon.  Place your preferred tea bag in your cup as well as the remaining lemon zest.
  1. Add about half a cup of a body safe neutral oil to the lemon juice and mix it well, once mixed, use the oil to anoint your candle.
  1. The next stage of the ritual is to take a shower. The shower will wash away any sluggishness and provide an open canvass to receive fresh, new, energy.  As you shower use some of the lemon oil to bathe.
  1. When you’re out of the shower, dry off, preferable using cotton or linen toweling, or any other natural plant based fabric. Then moisturize yourself with the energizing lemon oil.
  1. You’ll finish the ritual by boiling water to make your tea. Once your hot water is added to your tea and lemon zest, light your energy candle.
  1. While you drink your energizing tea you’ll also be receiving the energy burned off by your energizing candle.
  1. When you’ve finished your tea and your candle has burnt down go through the traditional steps of cleaning up after a ritual and taking care of your altar space and tools.




Blessed Be!




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