I found out today that someone you would have never suspected was a great spirituality.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scottish writer and physician.  He was best known for his creation of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859.  He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh Medical School and went on the act as a ship’s surgeon and achieve an MD, or advanced degree, in medicine as well.  He was a keen sportsman; a family man; devoted to justice; and politically active.

Doyle, sometimes referred to as Conan Doyle, although technically Conan is a middle name, is most widely known as a writer responsible for the novels and short stories featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes.

Doyle’s stories surrounding Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr Watson, are set in the Victoria or Edwardian era and discuss consulting jobs Holmes takes as a private detective and sometimes to assist Scotland Yard, to solve mysteries.  Doyle’s stories are widely known for their use of forensic science and reasoning in investigations which usually begin from Holmes’ office at 221B Baker Street in London.

A less known fact about Doyle is that while he may have been a physician, and even an ardent supporter of vaccinations, he was also a spiritualist.

He was interested in mystical objects and psychic events.  He became a member of The Ghost Club, pursued clairvoyance and looked for proof of existence beyond the grave.

I’ll continue reading into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s spiritualism, and investigating the city of Edinburgh, which by all accounts is a spooky and mysterious place.


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