The Magick of Scent


Do you practice aroma therapy?  Wear perfume, scented body lotion or use scented soaps?  Scent is a powerful sense, it’s linked to memory and also offers an excellent avenue for healing, managing stress, invigoration and magick!

The magick of scent comes from the magickal properties of the ingredients you use to make the scented product; the physiological effect of using herbs, such as lavender for relaxation or eucalyptus for sinuses; and the mental response to using aroma therapy such as lighting incense, using a sage smudger or apply scented oil, to deliver scent to calm you, help you meditate, de-stress you or yield some other psychological effect.

Like all magick can be multiplied in power by layering it.  For example, if you make or buy soap; let’s use rose, as an example, because you want to breakdown your barriers of distrust and help yourself to fall in love; then use the same scent for shampoo, then as a body lotion and finally a perfume you, will have layered and amplified the magick and intent by using rose scented products in a variety of ways.

Scent can also be used as a back drop for your rituals, in meditation or as an undertone in your home to keep magick in all aspects of your day to day life.

I love using scents because they’re so subtle and versatile.  They can be used or found commonly, and be largely ‘dormant’ or harmless, vibrating softly through your life, awakened by your magickal intent or by focusing their energy as you need.  So considering using scents and keep in mind their meaning and abilities when you do.


As always keep it personal and make it your own.


Blessed Be

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