Ritual Beads

Prayer Beads.jpg

Prayer beads, meditation beads, however you call them, they are an invaluable tool in your practice, they can make ritual planning easy as well as keep you connected to your craft.

Prayer beads are used in a variety of religions and belief systems,  such as the Rosary in Christianity or the Islamic misbaha, and are usually used by handling and saying words or incantations as you move from bead to bead.

Whether worn, carried or free, beads are an excellent tool in witchcraft.  For example, a strand of beads might be carried to represent how a ritual or piece of magick might be carried out.

This bead strand might include a crystal bead to clear your mind and prepare yourself for magick such as in cleansing.  A white and black bead to represent casting the circle, calling energy and feminine power.  Green, yellow, red and blue beads to stand in the the four elements and four Watchtowers of North, East, South and West.

Next you might have 7 chakra beads, or rune inscribed beads, maybe four or five amethyst beads to get you in touch with your psychic energy.

And finally, end by completing the circle or the magick you wish to do by repeating the beginning beads as you would to thank the Watchtowers, release the power you used and close your circle.

Not only the order matters, but also the type of bead, colour and material.  Simple strands of black for energy or amber can be worn throughout the day in a more informal ritualistic manner.

As always, in all things, do what resonates with you and Blessed Be!


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