Rocks, Gems, Crystals and Stones



They come from the earth, forged through heat, pressure and chemical reaction.  Precious stones are both beautiful and powerful, and greatly aide the witch in her pursuit of magick.

You can find many lists of the powers that each stone brings, what they represent and what they mean.  For me, I tend to work with what feels right, using the shared knowledge of others combined with my own perception and the feelings I get from the stones I’m using.

When considering which stones to wear, have in your home or to use for magickal works, consider the colour, feel, cut and composition of your stone.  Consider where it came from, how it was made and what impact all these variables might have on the desired intent of your magick.

This brief blog post is an introduction to further posts on one of the most important uses for stones, gems and crystals in magick, using them as a focus for intention, through a ‘prayer’ bracelet or as a ‘worry stone’, stay tuned for those upcoming posts.

Blessed Be!



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