Witchy Halloween Ritual


What will you be doing this Halloween?  When the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest?  At this time that we should honour ancestors and remember those who have passed?

Halloween is a time to remember that all things living must eventually die, it is dark and glum and sometimes very spooky.  It’s also necessary, to allow yourself to feel the pain of loss, recognize that life is temporary and that all things come to an end.

A good Halloween ritual will remember the dead, accept the circle of life and celebrate those who still live, for this Halloween, I will be basing my ritual on the Maiden, Mother and Crone trifecta and the balance of power and energy.

Ritual Intent

  1. Remember those who have passed;
  2. Prepare yourself for the loss of loved ones by recognizing the cycle of life; and
  3. Draw power and strength from acceptance and understanding that the end of life is lessened by the power of a life well lived.


The preferred location/time for this ritual will be at 10 pm on October 31st, outside, kneeling on dying grass facing north.

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