The Pagan Calendar


The pagan wheel of the year shows a deep integration with the natural environment and a connection to the earth and seasons.  If you were raised in Christianity, many of the festivals or Sabbats are called something different, but generally have the same meaning and intent with important days and festivals recognized on or falling near significant natural phenomena such as the solstice or equinox and symbolically representing the changing of the seasons.

In Wicca, the Summer and Winter solstice are celebrated as Sabbats, or holy days, as well as dates near the Spring and Fall equinoxes.  Monthly, the night of the full moon is usually significant, as a holy day, or Esbat, or meeting night.

I find value in setting my own traditions which are meaningful to me, and in moving certain dates to be more in tune to my natural environment.  For example, Fall will come sooner or later depending on where you’re located.  For me, nothing is being harvested on the first of August, and the second of February is unrecognizable except as the dead of Winter, so while they are on the pagan calendar as the Imbolc and Lammas, they don’t really hold any true meaning as I follow my spiritual path.  I support the general celebration of the Fall equinox, to notice the turning of the wheel of the year, but I also like to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for the bounty of the earth on Canadian Thanksgiving, and recognition of the spiritual world on Halloween.  In the Spring, I celebrate the equinox, Easter and May Day.  Some may wonder why I would follow Christian traditions?  And the answer would be, because they matter to my family and thus to me, and so long as the intention is right, does the name matter?

Ask yourself, what traditions matter to you?

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