Psychic or mental energy is our perception of the life force running through all things and the intention behind what we do.  The idea of energy in all things exists in the Chinese tradition of Qi, the Hindu idea of Prana or the Western idea of ether.  We feel it from the friction created when we rub our hands together, in the power of the wind and through the emotions we feel.

In witchcraft, energy comes from the power of the objects you’re working with and the natural environment.  It also comes from within and is generated by the intention of the witch.  Witches can channel energy through themselves to use for spells, enchantments and other magicks.  Amulets, jewelry, focuses, tools and other objects can also be charged with energy to be worn or used for a variety of purposes such as protection, power or clarity.

To start, learn how to feel the energy inside yourself, draw upon it, multiply it and channel it.  To do this, sit quietly in a private area, close your eyes, quiet your mind and imagine a centre of power just below your ribcage.  Envision this power centre as a black space or blank canvas, and then start to feel yourself drawing power to that spot inside of you and building it up into a vortex.  I picture a gathering storm, swirling with power waiting to be released, or a bright white light.

Once you have the energy visualized imagine it expanding, it pulses slowly from your abdomen up into your chest, and down into your pelvis.  You can feel it invigorating every cell in your body, saturating them with power.  Then let the energy flow, let the white light or swirling storm of energy flow out to your fingertips and down to your toes.  Feel that energy tingle along your skin and picture it sparking at the end of your fingers and on your toes.

Finally let the energy cover your head as if you were submerging yourself in water.

Now think of the energy in every cell and corner of your body, you can feel the energy everywhere, it’s a potent force, waiting to be directed.  To direct the energy, you can guide it into or out of yourself, for me, being right handed, I draw energy in through my left hand, and use it through my right.  Sometimes I use a wand to direct energy, a cylindrical stone or crystal, athame or other object as a focus.

You can also hold objects in both your hands and visualize yourself charging the object with energy, or translating the energy into an intention and putting it into a charm or amulet.

The strength of your energy can only be judged by you, and how long objects stay charged can only be determined by you.  That’s why you need to handle your tools and objects regularly, and stay in close touch with your spiritual side.


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