The Full Moon


The full moon makes such a striking sight, sitting so big and bright in the sky.  This notable moon phase is eye drawing because so much of the moon’s surface is visible and it reflects so much of the sun’s light.  Lunar forces and the magick of the moon are sacred energy, representing feminine power and ability.  The cycle of the moon can be tied to the cycle of life, death and rebirth, or the maiden, mother, and crone.

Seen as a time of great power, many witches not only do magick and conduct rituals on the night of the full moon, but also use it as an Esbat, or holy day, to stay grounded in their practice and committed to their path.  For magickal purposes, the day before and the day after are both considered to be a part of the full moon cycle.

The night of the full moon you can simply gaze at it and meditate on your life as a pagan, Wiccan or witch.  Chant or dance to recognize its power and communicate with the feminine side of yourself.  You may ‘draw down the moon’ or try to draw energy from it to increase your power for the coming days.  You may conduct a specific ritual, or a spell which calls for the night of the full moon, including cleansing specific tools.  Lighting a silver or white candle would be appropriate.  Setting up an altar and handling salt, white or pearlescent shells, pearls, silver or pewter.  The touching, use of or ‘praying’ with moonstone, opal, clear crystals or other white stones or gems would also help you to get in touch with the moon’s energy.  The possibilities are endless and the options are bountiful.

Whatever you do on the night of the full moon, I hope it brings your power and strength, and is only used for good.


Blessed Be!


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