Kitchen Witch

The Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Am I a Kitchen Witch?

A kitchen witch, wise woman, someone who practices witchcraft, magick, folk religion.  Women who live and work close to the hearth and in the home, who use their skills and knowledge to serve themselves, their families, communities and Mother Nature.  Women who use their knowledge of herbs and edibles, roots and elixirs, to promote health, wellness and happiness.

What is a Kitchen Witch?  She’s a wife, mother, or sister, like any other woman, whose domain is the kitchen, only she adds a little something extra in everything she makes.  She cooks with intention, preserves with purpose and maintains a witch’s pantry that can be used for magick, healing or making a meal.

I feel magickal in the kitchen.  It holds meaning for me.  I love knowing I’m creating something nourishing for my family, and it nourishes my soul going through the action of creating.  I especially feel this connection when I make a soup or stew.  There’s just something so deliberate about the process, ritual like.  And as you layer the flavours you can imagine all the magickal properties of the ingredients you’re using and their benefits.

I definitely feel deeply connected to the practice of kitchen witchery, and I look forward to further exploring acting with intention in the kitchen, amplifying the centrality of the kitchen in all aspects of my daily life, and sharing recipes!

Stay tuned for more, and Blessed Be!


  1. I feel magickal when I’m trying out a new recipe (mostly bath and body, perfume and aromatherapy — not much cooking!). There’s something wonderful about taking something that’s posted on Pinterest, for example, and finding out for myself whether it actually works or not, and then tweaking it to make it my own. Plus, I adore the tools and elements that are part of the craft: mortar and pestle (I own several), glass bottles of all shapes, sizes and colours, a tiny cauldron for incense, resins such as frankincense and myrrh, herbs, crystals, candles… the list goes on.


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