Moon Phases


The moon represents the divine feminine and is a source of immeasurable power within Wicca.  Calm and serene, the moon comes to us during the night and her departure signals the passing of another day.

In the natural world, important phenomena such as the tides or a woman’s cycle are associated with the phase of the moon.  Many feel a deep connection to the moon, feel her power and draw energy from moonlight and the full moon.

The night of the full moon should be celebrated and is one of the best nights for practice and ritual.  The full moon allows you to draw energy from her and work powerful magicks, turning your intention and will into action and results.  The new moon should not be overlooked as it represents absence, and is a good time to banish, cleanse or prepare for new beginnings.

The waxing moon is when the moon moves from new, through her crescent half-moon phase, to full.  This is a time to do positive magicks, draw things to you and attract with intention.

The waning moon is the movement of the moon from full, through the crescent third quarter phase, to new.  This symbolizes loss and divestment, and is a good time to practice negative magicks, banish things from your life, cleanse and get rid of the unwanted.

Crescent moons shouldn’t be overlooked.  They may not hold as much power as a full moon, or offer the focus of a new moon, but their beauty and imagery make them excellent nights for neutral rituals and getting to know ones-self.  A ritual on the night of a crescent moon, can allow you to clarify your intention or grant you clarity of thought, just remember to keep the waxing or waning phase in mind when planning.

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