Witchy Halloween Ritual

What will you be doing this Halloween?  When the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest?  At this time that we should honour ancestors and remember those who have passed? Halloween is a time to remember that all things living must eventually die, it is dark and glum and sometimes very spooky.  … Continue reading Witchy Halloween Ritual


I went for a walk off the beaten path to celebrate Fall.  This is one of my favourite times of year, when the leaves start to change, the air is crisp and everything seems cool and still. As I was out walking I meditated on the changing of the seasons, the representation of decline which … Continue reading Fall


Psychic or mental energy is our perception of the life force running through all things and the intention behind what we do.  The idea of energy in all things exists in the Chinese tradition of Qi, the Hindu idea of Prana or the Western idea of ether.  We feel it from the friction created when … Continue reading Energy

The Pagan Calendar

The pagan wheel of the year shows a deep integration with the natural environment and a connection to the earth and seasons.  If you were raised in Christianity, many of the festivals or Sabbats are called something different, but generally have the same meaning and intent with important days and festivals recognized on or falling … Continue reading The Pagan Calendar

The Full Moon

The full moon makes such a striking sight, sitting so big and bright in the sky.  This notable moon phase is eye drawing because so much of the moon’s surface is visible and it reflects so much of the sun’s light.  Lunar forces and the magick of the moon are sacred energy, representing feminine power … Continue reading The Full Moon

The Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch

Am I a Kitchen Witch? A kitchen witch, wise woman, someone who practices witchcraft, magick, folk religion.  Women who live and work close to the hearth and in the home, who use their skills and knowledge to serve themselves, their families, communities and Mother Nature.  Women who use their knowledge of herbs and edibles, roots … Continue reading The Kitchen Witch

Moon Phases

The moon represents the divine feminine and is a source of immeasurable power within Wicca.  Calm and serene, the moon comes to us during the night and her departure signals the passing of another day. In the natural world, important phenomena such as the tides or a woman’s cycle are associated with the phase of … Continue reading Moon Phases

The Wiccan Rede

The Wiccan or Witch’s Rede goes as follows: An it harm none, do what ye will This is considered the fundamental principle or tenet of witchcraft, and is a much debated and disputed concept/dictum.  Most consider it sacred and believe it should be followed first and foremost by all followers of Wicca or those who … Continue reading The Wiccan Rede